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14 Karat Echtgold Piercingschmuck - von kleinen Basics bis zum üppigen Highlight alles für Deinen individuellen Look

Junipurr Piercing Jewelry

We love Junipurr Jewelry ! As the first shop ever in Germany, we have been offering beautiful piercing jewelry made of 585 gold by Junipurr since spring 2020. And we were thrilled right from the start, because:
1. Junipurr's designs are timeless
2. Junipurr regularly plants trees to compensate for the carbon footprint
3. The prices are slightly below those of the other manufacturers
4. And almost the nicest thing for us: The delivery times are much shorter

Threadless piercing jewelry made of gold

Junipurr offers all attachments as threadless jewelry. This type of closure is not very well known in Germany, but it has a big advantage: You can wear the front in a 1mm, 1.2mm or 1.6mm labret plug!
One front and three options for choosing the back. So if you have a nose piercing in 1mm thickness, for example, you can wear the attachment there, but also easily in a tragus piercing in which you wear 1.2mm jewelry.
Threadless means the front has a pin instead of a thread. This is slightly bent, which creates tension when it is plugged into the labret connector.
Another advantage of this type of closure is that you can no longer unscrew your jewelry.

Buy gold piercing jewelry online - whether threadless or internally threaded.

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