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Ear piercing jewelry

Piercings in the ear are currently very trendy. No other part of the body can be pierced in so many different places and embellished with so many different rings, geometric shapes and attachments.
The selection in piercing jewelry ranges from simple balls made of titanium to piercings with opals and Swarovski zirconia to elaborately crafted gold piercings with real diamonds. There is the right jewelry for every style and every piercing.
There are so many ways to have your ear pierced that by combining several ear piercings with the appropriate ear piercing jewelry, your very individual style can be emphasized and you can stand out from the crowd. Coordinated piercing jewelry on the ear can make your existing piercings look completely different!
We would be happy to advise you if you need help putting together your ear piercing jewelry.

Ear piercings

Whether tragus or helix piercing, conch or forward helix - piercings in the ear or in the cartilage area take a little longer to heal than a lip piercing, for example. This is due to the fact that cartilage tissue is not permeated with vessels. The following are therefore important for healing: patience, good physical hygiene, the right care products, avoidance of pressure and movement on the fresh piercing, as well as suitable piercing jewelry made of implant grade titanium, nickel-free gold or glass and avoiding swimming pools, saunas and solariums .
The first post with a fresh piercing should always be a little longer, so that there is enough space for the expected swelling and the piercing jewelry is not too tight. Not every piece of jewelry is recommended to be pierced directly, let your piercing studio advise you which jewelry is suitable for you.

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