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Ruby Lady

Pink and purple. Glitter and shimmer. Swarovski zirconia and synthetic opal. This navel piercing jewelry by LeRoi Fine Body Jewelery catches the eye with its rich colors and the small, extra added rhinestones.
The 6mm synthetic opal in lavender is complemented by two zirconia, each 4mm in size in fuchsia. All three gemstones are held in place by a titanium setting that is so thin that it is barely visible and the stones are beautifully in the center.



This piercing jewelry is made of implant grade titanium and is therefore nickel-free and suitable for allergy sufferers.


79,00 €Price
  • Material:
    Special feature:

    * The guarantee applies to discoloration or loosening of the zirconia Crystals and/or (synthetic) opals and/or precious stones

  • - Navel piercing

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