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Filigraner Piercingschmuck aus Echtgold für Dein Curated Ear

Buddha Jewelry Organics

Founded in 2002 during a visit to Bali, Buddha Jewelry Organics has long been known for unusual jewelry for stretched ears. Plugs made of organic materials such as wood or stone with hand-carved motifs were typical for the label. Then there were wonderful pendants with stones such as crystal quartz or amethysts.
Buddha Jewelry Organics has also been offering 14 carat real gold attachments since 2019 and these have taken the Internet, especially Instagram, by storm. Buddha Jewelry beautifully implements the topic of chains and filigree pieces of jewelry in its designs.
So we had no choice but to include the most popular designs in our range!

Buddha Jewelry regularly brings new collections and limited editions onto the market - we would be happy to order your favorite piece for you individually. Just write us an email

The attachments are all threadless, i.e. without thread - if you don't know how threadless piercing jewelry works, you will find a little help here - and fit into our threadless labret posts , but also in threadless plugs from Neometal, for example. Also in a thickness of 1mm.

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