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High quality piercing jewelry

No more boring - piercing jewelry is no longer just the boring silver-colored ball that used to be used as standard jewelry. In the meantime, the attachments in the piercing industry are no longer inferior to the pieces of jewelry of a fine jeweler. BVLA, for example, works with a designer who used to work at Tiffanys .
The selection of jewelry for your piercing is as diverse as your style. Small Swarovski rhinestones, filigree designs made of gold , cluster piercings with several synthetic opals or even diamonds - your imagination is the limit.

Piercing as a fashion statement

The most popular body part for piercing is currently the ear, so we have a corresponding amount of jewelry to choose from for your ear piercing . From influencers like Caro Daur to celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson, more and more stars adorn their ears with more than a piercing - the 'curated ear' trend. Several piercings are matched to each other and equipped with the appropriate jewelry.
This allows you to create individual looks that can be reinvented again and again with various jewelry combinations.

Jewelry for every piercing

With a focus on trendy ear piercings, you will find jewelry for many different piercings in our shop, such as helix piercing, tragus piercing, conch piercing, forward helix piercing, lobe piercing, flat helix piercing or rook piercing,
But we also have a big range of bellybutton jewelry for your navel piercing all made from titanium. Fancy some inspiration for your lip piercing? We got cou covered - it doesn't matter whether you're wearing a Medusa or classic labret piercing. Have a look at our pieces suited for lip piercings.

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