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Luxury piercings with zirconia, diamonds, genuine opals and other gemstones from the hottest brand


Body Vision Los Angeles (BVLA) is THE address for luxury piercings. No other brand has such a large selection of piercing jewelry made of gold in combination with real and synthetic stones. Over the past 15 years, BVLA has built a reputation for being the world's best gold piercing manufacturer. And rightly so.
The designs from BVLA are not only the most delicate in the world, but also the most beautiful and innovative. Many of the trend pieces that you see on Instagram have been designed by BVLA.

No other manufacturer regularly shows so many new beautiful and unusual piercings. In the current collection, the Panaraya attachments are the highlights. With several rhinestones, this line comes in different models and makes the hearts of lovers of slightly larger piercing jewelry beat faster.

Regardless of whether you are looking for something unusual for your conch piercing or helix piercing or tragus piercing, BVLA has the right piercing jewelry for you - and if not, they just make it.

Each piece of jewelery is handcrafted especially for you - of course from solid gold and of course with a lifetime guarantee that the stones will neither loosen nor discolor.
From very small and subtle to a large statement piece, everything is possible at BVLA. Even your very own idea can, if the laws of physics allow it, be created for you.
The list of real gemstones that BVLA uses ranges from amethyst to coral, diamonds, moonstone, pearls, rubies and sapphires.
Of course, Swarovski zirconia or synthetic opals are also processed - always set in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.
You are welcome to contact us for your personal BVLA piercing, we also accept individual orders. We have put together more information about the process of your individual order for BVLA piercing jewelry for you here.

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