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Common questions

Jewelry issues

Is your jewelry suitable for allergy sufferers?
Your piercing only sells nickel-free jewelry made of implant grade titanium and 14 or 18 carat real gold. Both gold alloys are always nickel-free. Our piercing jewelry is therefore suitable for allergy sufferers without hesitation and can be used both as a first use and as a replacement jewelry. In addition, the jewelry offered for your piercing is always at least 'handpolished' or polished to a 'mirrorfinish', which means that the surface of the jewelry is smoother and therefore more gentle on your piercing canal.

Can I combine your piercing jewelry with other jewelry?
Please note that we only sell piercing jewelry with an internal thread. In this form of closure, the thread is on the back of the ball / attachment and not on the rod. Combinable articles only need to have the same thread size. If you are not sure whether a combination is suitable, please give us a call.

Are sold out items coming back in?
All sold out items will be reordered and will be available again. If you can no longer find an article in our shop, we have sorted it out. Since, apart from 'QualiTi', all of the brands we offer manufacture the jewelry only to order, delivery times of 12 weeks or more are normal.

Which jewelry is suitable for which piercing?
Not every piece of jewelry is suitable for every piercing, which is why you will find a list of the piercing locations for which this piece of jewelry is suitable for each item. You will also find some photos in which the jewelry is worn in a piercing. If you are not sure whether your anatomy is suitable for a special piece of jewelry, you are welcome to send us a photo of the relevant point at any time and we will help you choose your piercing jewelry.

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