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Yellow gold piercing jewelry

Something very special - piercing jewelry made of solid gold always has a touch of luxury. By far the most popular gold tone in yellow gold. Whether at the jeweler or in piercing jewelry - the classic gold tone is always in fashion, regardless of trend.
Our piercing jewelry is always made entirely of solid gold and no gold plating or the like. Depending on the brand, you will find 585 yellow gold or 750 gold - 14 or 18 carats and of course always in a nickel-free alloy. The good tolerance also makes gold popular as a first use for fresh piercings.

Why piercing jewelry made of gold?

The beauty of gold as a material, in addition to its incomparable shine, is also its texture. Gold is a rather soft material that can be used to create many individual designs. That is why you will find all the playful pieces of jewelry in the piercing area made of gold - other nickel-free materials simply cannot be processed so well.

So you can always be sure that your ring or helix stud made of yellow gold looks beautiful and is gentle on your skin at the same time. You will find piercing jewelry made of gold from different brands and for all ear piercings, from tragus piercing to conch piercing or daith piercing. With or without a rhinestone. From synthetic opal to Swarovski zirconia to real gemstones such as diamonds, topaz or real opals, you can create your own stylish combination.

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