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Titan und Gold Piercing - ausgefallene Bauchnabelpiercings in vielen verschiedenen Farbkombinationen


Since 1995 LeRoi has been supplying the piercing industry with unusual piercing jewelry made of implant grade titanium and 14 and 18 carat real gold. LeRoi Inc is one of the few high quality piercing jewelry manufacturers in the world and not only brings out basics, but always surprises with new collections of its own.
Our favorites from the extensive LeRoi range are the delicate gold attachments. If you like things small and fine, the geometric shapes are the right choice.

No wonder that the golden piercing creations are our favorites - after all, the founder of LeRoi, Terry Michael LeRoi, was an artist and goldsmith. The jewelry has been correspondingly high quality for 25 years. Here the love of jewelry met the love of body modification and resulted in the creation of more extraordinary piercing jewelry.

We are also totally enthusiastic about the Haute Couture Bijoux Collection, which combines Swarovski zirconia or synthetic opals with small spheres made of titanium and thus completely eliminates the 'normal' shape of a sphere.
Since the processing of titanium as a material is not as easy as that of gold, for example, there are hardly any unusual designs made of titanium in the piercing jewelry area. With this collection, LeRoi has managed to create a timeless design made of titanium, which at the same time stands out from other designs and has a recognition value.

Your absolute favorite are the cute Four Bead and Tri Bead attachments made of yellow gold. Due to the small diameter, the paired beads are very versatile - from tragus piercing to nostril piercing or Ashley piercing, they are eye-catchers everywhere.
Our range of LeRoi piercing jewelry will be considerably larger in the next few months. We are also happy to accept individual orders - all jewelry that can be seen here in yellow gold is also available in rose gold or with other Swarovski zirconia.

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