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Fine jewelry made of real gold and titanium for your helix piercing

Helix Piercing

The helix piercing on the upper outer edge of your ear is one of the most popular piercings on the ear. Which certainly has to do with the fact that you can wear a very large selection of piercing jewelry in the Helix.
Depending on the anatomy, everything from a small ball, several Swarovski zirconia or a ring to jewelry is possible - as long as the piercing has healed well.
You do not need to be very afraid of the piercing, as this is one of the less painful piercings. The helix piercing is located in the cartilage area and therefore needs good care and a little patience in order to heal completely. For optimal healing, you should avoid a ring at the beginning and use nickel-free jewelry in any case, i.e. titanium or nickel-free gold.
You can find more tips about helix piercing here on our blog.
With us you will find a selection of many different piercing plugs for your ear - both for the first use as well as for wearing in your healed piercing.

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