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Individual piercing ends

Piercing balls - although the term is actually no longer appropriate because there are now so many other options than round balls - are the most popular piercing jewelry. Because with them you can transform your piercings in no time at all.
By exchanging an attachment, your ear piercing or lip piercing can easily be given a new look. As individual as you. 

Internally Threaded and Threadless

With us you will find jewelry with an internal thread - internally threaded - this means that the thread is on the ball and is simply screwed into the matching back.
And so-called threadless piercing jewelry, i.e. jewelry without any thread. Here, a pin that is attached to the front is slightly bent so that it tilts in the back. We send all of our Threadless jewelry pieces already pre-bent.
If you would like to learn more about the topic of piercing jewelry and threads, you will find the top 5 characteristics for good piercing jewelry here

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