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Piercing jewelry for tragus

The tragus piercing is a changeable piercing! Once your tragus has healed, you can wear small rings in addition to dainty pins and thus define your very own style.
With us you will find high-quality piercing jewelry made of titanium and gold, which can also be inserted directly into your fresh piercing. Choose the most beautiful jewelry for your tragus piercing and make yourself happy.

Which jewelry fits into a tragus piercing?

Before you get pierced, you might be wondering what kind of jewelry is suitable for this piercing? And which is recommended for healing.
We would definitely recommend a straight stud at the beginning! Preferably a labret stud, these are the ones with the plate on the back. Barbells with a ball at the back also work, but there is the small possibility that the ball loosens when you clean your ears and you then lose them.
When the piercing has healed and you can wear headphones again, the labret plug is usually perceived as more comfortable.

In addition, we would always recommend that you choose a piece of jewelry that is no larger than your tragus itself. It should therefore neither be wider nor longer than your natural anatomy. It looks better when your ear virtually 'frames' the jewelry and will prevent you from getting stuck too often.
You can also minimize getting stuck by choosing jewelry that is not too 'high' or goes too far forward. Somewhat flatter is definitely more comfortable to wear.

Can I also wear a ring in my tragus?

Sure, of course! When your piercing is completely healed, you can also wear a ring in it. It is only important to make sure that you choose a nice, small, matching ring. If the ring is too big, it rests on your ear, which is usually not perceived as aesthetic.

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