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Anatometal Piercing Schmuck


Echtgold Piercings aus 18 Karat Gelbgold, Rosegold und Weißgold


If you are looking for beautiful piercing jewelry made of gold, you will quickly end up at Anatometal from California, USA. The company name is made up of the two words 'anatomy' and 'metal'. Anatometal has been offering piercing jewelry of the highest quality since 1991. All pieces of jewelry have a lifelong guarantee that the synthetic opals and Swarovksi zirconia will not discolor or loosen from their setting.
Anatometal's 'Sabrina' was the piece that started us in the first place. This piece of jewelry inspired us to order our first high quality piercing jewelry and we fell in love while unpacking the delivery.
This jewelry was just really processed differently than anything else we had in our hands before. As a piercer, besides design, you have other demands on a piece of jewelry, and Anatometal not only met our expectations, but exceeded them.

The gold piercing jewelry is partly made by hand, which is why individual color combinations are possible. It does not matter whether you prefer to wear your piercing jewelry made of yellow gold, white gold or rose gold - all three gold tones are offered in 18 carat (750) and each piece is individually polished by hand and decorated with your desired Swarovski zirconia. If you want it to be exclusive and luxurious, you can also get real diamonds processed into your piercing jewelry. But natural stones such as moonstone or turquoise can also be used. We would be happy to advise you via email about the options for putting your jewelry together.


At the beginning of 2020, Anatometal released a whole range of new designs, making choosing your favorite piercing even more difficult. Now it is even easier to express your individual style through your helix piercing or to buy your new favorite piece for your tragus piercing. The partially filigree attachments are simply beautiful piercings that you can combine with each other again and again. In our shop you will find a selection of the most beautiful designs from Anatometal and you can simply shop them online and have them delivered to your home.

In addition to the filigree designs made of real gold, Anatometal also produces piercing jewelry made of titanium, which is also given a lifelong guarantee.

This is produced in the same factory as the gold jewelry - all in Santa Cruz, USA. So nothing is produced in low-wage countries.

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