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Cluster piercing jewelry

Would you like the look of multiple piercings, but only have one piercing? No problem with our clusters. Here several rhinestones or opals connect with each other and literally look like more .
Regardless of whether you want as much glitter as possible or a combination of Swarovski zirconia and synthetic opals - clusters are available in various stone and color combinations.
We are happy to order your own personal and individual combination. You choose the stones, their size and color and Industrial Strength makes it exactly according to your wishes. Your personal piercing jewelry!

Ear piercing with cluster

The slightly curved shape of the piercing clusters adapts perfectly to the natural shape of your ear and puts your helix or conch piercing in the limelight.
Depending on the size of your tragus, you can also wear this piece of jewelry in a tragus piercing. Emphasize your piercing with one of our designs, which stand out from the crowd with their individuality and high-quality workmanship. Or surprise your girlfriend with an extraordinary gift!

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