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Nickelfreier Piercingschmuck aus Titan für Dein Bauchnabelpiercing und Ohrpiercing

Industrial Strength

Industrial Strength is one of the few companies that produces piercing jewelry only from implant grade titanium and implant grade steel at the highest level - and does not have a line made of real gold.
Accordingly, Industrial Strength has been the experts in titanium piercing jewelry since 1991. The jewelry is made in Carlsbad, California, USA.

In partnership with Swarovksi, only zirconia are used for the piercing jewelry from Industrial Strength - so you can be sure that your piercing is set with the highest quality rhinestones and sparkles accordingly.
IS often works with professional piercers on new designs. Such cooperation ensures that there are always unique designs and that the jewelry is also suitable for long-term wear.
One of the most striking features of IS piercing jewelry is the extremely thin setting. This allows the zirconia to develop their best.

This is particularly beautiful to see in the probably best-known model 'Prium', where several zirconia are lined up and the setting is almost invisible. The Prium models are available in two different sizes, whereby the colors of the five gemstones can all be individually determined. So if you want a very specific color combination, you can get it.
Here you not only have the choice of zirconia from Swarovski, you can also choose from synthetic opals.

Industrial Strength also offers a wide range of navel piercings that have another small zirconia dangling at the bottom. These dangly belly button plugs are among our favorites because, unlike other manufacturers, the ring to which the other zirconia is attached is also made of titanium and not made of silver and is completely closed. Which means it can't just be bent open. So your extra rhinestone cannot simply be lost by accident.
However, we recommend wearing these pieces of jewelry only in a healed navel piercing.

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