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We love the conch piercing!

With an (inner) conch piercing, the auricle is pierced. Most of them have a little more space here than elsewhere on the ear, which is why there are so many different jewelry options there. Not only can you wear plugs in many different sizes, but after it has healed you can also wear a ring.
You can find more information about healing cartilage piercings in our blog .

Many have a little respect for stabbing this piercing, as the area feels thick, but we can reassure you. As a rule, the piercing is not felt to be any more painful than a helix piercing. Certainly everyone has a different sense of pain and we cannot guarantee anything, except that in our opinion the conch piercing is one of the most beautiful ear piercings, which is extremely versatile due to the large selection of jewelry and can adapt to any style.

Conch Piercing vs Orbital Piercing

Incorrectly, there are a lot of posts on Google that a conch piercing in which a ring is worn is also called an orbital piercing.
With an orbital piercing, 2 different puncture channels are connected with a ring. This can, for example, also be in the earlobe or on the outside of the ear if 2 helix piercings are worn with a ring and has nothing to do with a conch piercing.
Both piercings look beautiful - but are completely different, the only connection is the ring. While a stud can also be worn in a conch piercing, there is no orbital piercing without a ring.

Inner Conch and Outer Conch

The classic conch piercing is also called inner conch. Here one understands the placement through the middle of the auricle, i.e. the part of the ear that is lower and represents a fairly large area in most ears.
This makes it ideal for using large and 'tall' jewelry. Large rhinestones, for example, that do not have a flat profile are wonderful to wear at this point, as they neither disturb when sleeping, nor do hair behind the ears in everyday life or something similar. The piece of jewelery lies, so to speak, 'protected' in the hollow.

Outer conch piercing is also often referred to, but it is also called flat helix or scapha piercing. This refers to the place above the inner conch, which is also slightly larger, but sits 'elevated'. Which is why jewelry with a flat profile is recommended for this piercing, as the area is much more exposed and you get stuck on it more often and lie directly on it when you sleep.

Not every piercing jewelry is suitable for every piercing, 'just' because its size fits the spot. Motorcyclists in particular, who often have to put on and take off a helmet, should make sure that the selected piece of jewelry is suitable for everyday use and does not irritate the puncture canal. A good piercing not only looks good, it is also not an obstacle in everyday life.

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