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Lip piercing

A lip piercing can be made in many individual variants - and the selection of jewelry for this piercing is correspondingly diverse. Whether as a classic labret piercing in the middle under the lip or the trendy Medusa piercing in the middle of the upper lip, an Ashley piercing directly through the lip or the popular ring on the side of the lip, a lip piercing is always an eye-catcher.
You decide through your jewelry selection whether you want to wear a statement piece in your piercing or just a subtle rhinestone.
With its short healing time and almost painless piercing, the lip piercing is one of the most popular.

Lip piercing jewelry

The labret post of a healed lip piercing should always fit exactly so that your teeth and gums are spared. In addition to the right size, make sure that your jewelry is made of the right material and that you are wearing high-quality, nickel-free piercing jewelry.
In our shop you only get jewelry made of implantable titanium or nickel-free gold and you are always on the safe side. No matter whether you prefer to adorn yourself with a shimmering opal or if you want to wear a fancy plug with Swarovski Zirkoinas made of real gold in your lip.

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