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Curated Ear Opal
Anatometal Bauchnabelpiercing
Stacked Lobe Piercing
Medusa Piercing Anatometal
Types of piercing - the right jewelry for every spot

Browse our shop directly in the category that interests you. No matter whether you are looking for ear piercings in general or something special for your earlobes. With our filter you can simply display the jewelry that is suitable for you.
Since we ourselves work with the jewelry on a daily basis, we can share a professional assessment of which piece of jewelry is well suited for which piercing and which piece of jewelry is only suitable in a healed piercing. Because for a healthy piercing, not only the material and a straight puncture channel are decisive, but also the right jewelry. We can pass on our years of experience as a piercer or jewelry stylist in the team to you.

Trend piercing: ear piercings

Due to Corona, the focus in the last 2 years has been even more on ear piercings, so you will find most of the jewelry here with us. Our focus is on unusual piercing jewelry made of real gold, with which you can stand out from the crowd. No matter whether with a single statement piece or a combination of several piercings, because most of us not only wear one but various piercings in their ears and can create their very own look by combining individual anatomy and different pieces of jewelry. We have put together a few curated ears for you as inspiration.

Lip piercings

Although most lip piercings are concealed by a mask at the moment, it is impossible to imagine the world of piercing without them. The Medusa piercing in particular has enjoyed great popularity in recent years. Perfectly located in the arch of the lip above the upper lip, this piercing can do both: You have enough space here for a large piece of jewelry that attracts everyone's attention. But you can also accentuate your lips with just a small rhinestone.

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