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Dein Piercing - about us

'Dein Piercing' arose from the desire of the piercer Hilde (Madet Tattoo & Piercing) to be able to offer her customers jewelry outside the mass market. Piercing jewelry that really deserves the name 'jewelry'.
And this is underlined not only visually, but also through excellent workmanship and the use of first-class materials. Simply everything at a high level. Domestic suppliers unfortunately do not have this type of jewelry in their range, which is why our shop offers jewelry from the USA and England.
Hilde has been a professional piercer for over 14 years and has gained a lot of experience in the field of piercing jewelry during this time. In contrast to many other online shops, 'your piercing' is operated by a piercer who knows what quality features are important in piercing jewelry and not by an entrepreneur who has no other points of contact with the topic of 'piercing'.

Madet Tattoo Bin


Due to this proximity to the topic of piercing, we at 'Dein Piercing' are also able to give advice on the topic of piercing jewelry in general, If you are not sure whether the piercing jewelry you have chosen fits into your helix or tragus piercing, for example, call us and we'll try to find out together.
Each of our pieces of jewelery is suitable for first use, as all are nickel-free. But of course the jewelry is also wonderful for healed piercings. Our range currently includes jewelry for almost all piercings.
In order to be able to better assess what the piece of jewelry looks like on the body, we have included corresponding pictures with some articles, such as our sweet opal heart in a conch piercing.

Where can i find you

Madet Tattoo Bingen

If you would like to see our collection in 'real' and get advice, you can simply make an appointment at our local tattoo & piercing studio in Bingen / Rhein during the opening hours:

Madet Tattoo & Piercing
Schmittstrasse 57
55411 Bingen am Rhein


Maybe you would like to give a short call beforehand so that we can discuss your wishes over the phone and we can be sure that we can help you on site and that we have enough time for you and your piercing. We look forward to you.

Piercing jewelry from a professional

Due to the more than 10 years of experience of the piercer Hilde, the selection of the products at 'Dein Piercing' is not only aimed at making them look beautiful. The jewelry offered by us should always be safe to wear and exclude irritation and allergies in your piercing. The quality should not only be noticeable in the material, but also in the workmanship.
Our jewelry differs from other suppliers, for example, in that we can give a lifelong guarantee on jewelry from the brands Anatometal , Industrial Strength , BVLA and LeRoi that the set Swarovski zirconia or synthetic opals will not discolor and not loosen / fall out of the setting .
The materials used are either titanium suitable for implantation (i.e. material specially designed to remain in the body) or 14 carat or 18 carat real gold. All of these materials are nickel-free and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.
The surfaces of our jewelry are all polished by hand - every single piece of jewelry has been polished to a high gloss for you. This not only makes it look nicer, the smooth surface is also friendlier to your branch canal.

I think your jewelry is beautiful, but I would like it in a different version. Is that possible?

Yes! All models of the brand ' Anatometal ' can be ordered especially for you in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. The color of the Swarovski stone or the opal can also be changed. You can choose from over 30 different colors. We would be happy to advise you by phone or at our location in Bingen, Madet Tattoo & Piercing.
But also navel piercings made of titanium from the company 'Anatometal' can be customized. For example, you can determine each individual stone in a navel cluster yourself. There are no limits to your imagination and creativity.
The titanium jewelry from ' Industrial Strength ' can also be customized. Send us your favorite color combination for your attachment and we will order your piece of jewelry for you. Individual orders are free of charge, but must be paid for in advance.

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