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Square Alisea

ATTENTION: This is threadless piercing jewelry, NOT costume jewelry. This is the front ONLY and still requires a matching back.

Glitter with a touch of gold - The Square Alisea has a square clear zirconia as an eye-catcher and as a little extra there are 3 small 18 carat (750) yellow gold balls on it.

The zirconia has a diameter of 2mm. The beads are slightly offset at the top or bottom - whichever you prefer.

The offset position means that the baubles fade into the background and accentuate the zirconia instead of competing with it for attention. You can wear this attachment very well in a tragus piercing or a forward Helix piercing.

*This is only the front, please think of a back*


Threadless attachments require a suitable back. The attachment is the front and depending on the piercing site in which you want to wear the attachment, you still need the appropriate back. These are threadless labret studs. If you do not yet have a suitable back, don't forget to order one.



This piercing jewelry is made of nickel-free 18 carat yellow gold and is suitable for allergy sufferers and first-time wearers.


  • Material: 18 Karat Gelbgold
    Gewinde: Threadless Pin
    Durchmesser: 2.5mm x 3.8mm
    Besonderheit: Lebenslange Garantie*
    Zirkonia: Klarer Zirkonia in 2mm
    Passend zu: Threadless Labret Stecker Junipurr

    * Die Garantie bezieht sich auf das Verfärben oder Lösen der Zirkonia Kristalle und/oder (synthetischen) Opale und/oder Edelsteine

  • - Conch Piercing
    - Forward Helix Piercing
    - Tragus Piercing
    - Faux Rook Piercing
    - Flat Helix Piercing
    - Helix Piercing
    - Earlobe Piercing
    - High Lobe Piercing

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