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Maya Jewelry

Maya Jewelry from San Diego, USA is actually known for its artfully designed earrings for stretched ears. But recently the company has also been offering attachments made of 14 carat gold with elaborately designed designs and a vintage look that stands out from other brands.
The attachments by Maya Jewlery all have a so-called threadless closure, which works without a thread. This type of closure is becoming more and more popular, especially for particularly small attachments, as these are easier to close but are just as tight as a threaded attachment. The pin used as a clasp is made of white gold and can be easily brought into an S-shape for a secure fit.

You can find more about threadless here on our blog .

The piercing jewelry from Maya is suitable for ear piercings, such as tragus piercing or conch piercing or whoever likes it a little more lavishly in a nostril piercing. The most popular attachment is the 'Hammered Disc', which also looks great in high nostrils or a normal nostril piercing.
Similar to her earrings, Maya Jewelry insists that self-confident women wear - and also produce - splendid jewelry. The Swarovski zirconia are set by hand and only used in the colors 'clear' and 'black'.
Dein Piercing is the only online shop in Germany where you can buy gold attachments from Maya Jewelry - be unique!

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