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Dein Piercing jewelry


With Anatometal , we have one of the world's best manufacturers in the field of piercing jewelry in our range. Anatometal is particularly known for its real gold attachments . Not only because of the high quality workmanship, but also because of the artistic designs. Each piece of jewelry is made in the USA and the Swarovski crystals or synthetic opals are hand-set, which is why we can give a lifetime guarantee against discoloration or falling out of these gemstones.
Piercing jewelry can be customized at Anatometal - each item can be made with the Swarovski zirconia or opal you want. Free of charge. We would be happy to advise you which shade of gold goes best with which shade of the crystal palette and order your very own dream piece.

Piercingschmuck Gold
BVLA deutschland


For many, BVLA is the best brand in the world when it comes to real gold piercing jewelry. BVLA only produces real gold piercing jewelry made of 14 or 18 carats and, in addition to Swarovski zirconias, also offers real stones such as opals, amethysts, or diamonds and pearls.
Bodyvision's claim is to integrate the craftsmanship of a traditional jeweler into the piercing jewelry area and thus to create similarly spectacular designs. Former designers of the renowned jewelry house Tiffanys are responsible for this.
The demands on jewelry are correspondingly high, so a lifelong guarantee against defects such as the stones coming loose is a matter of course

Industrial strength

Industrial Strength is one of the leading manufacturers of piercing jewelry in the field of 'high quality'. The company's titanium designs are individual and are made with the utmost care. IS is best known for its beautiful septum jewelry. With the ability to determine the Swarovski zirconias or synthetic opals of each piercing jewelry yourself, the most unusual and beautiful combinations can be created - exactly to match your style.
All pieces of jewelry have a 'mirror finish', i.e. a particularly well polished surface, as well as a lifetime guarantee against discoloration or loosening of the Swarovski zirconias or synthetic opals. The jewelry is made in the USA, subject to the conditions there and at fair wages.

Piercing nickelfrei
LeRoi Piercing



Since 1995 LeRoi from New York has been supplying the world with high quality piercing jewelry made of implant grade titanium and 14 carat gold.
During this time LeRoi has produced several innovative collections and the current 'Haute Couture Bijoux' collection is our absolute favorite.
In addition to the beautiful designs, the focus is also on quality with this brand: all pieces are provided with a beautiful frame and extra polished so that they are gentle on your stitch canal.

Like all other manufacturers available from us, LeRoi only sells to professional piercing studios, which is why we are very proud to be able to offer a selection of this brand as the only online retailer in Germany.

Auris Jewelry

Gold jewelry from St. Petersburg. Auris Jewelry has been supplying the piercing world with timeless designs made of real gold since 2016. In addition to a large selection of attachments with zirconia, Auris also offers an abundance of attachments in geometric shapes and playful rings, as well as individual chains (coming soon), with which you can try out creative combinations in different ear piercings.
Probably the most famous design by Auris is the beautiful nib made of real gold - also our bestseller.
If you want something very luxurious, you can also have real stones such as diamonds worked into your piece of jewelry.

Piercing Ring Auris
Maya Jewelry

Maya Jewelry

For years Maya Jewelry stood for unusual and unique jewelry for stretched and unstretched earlobes. Beyonce already wore Maya jewelry on stage.
Since 2017, their line has been expanded to include lavishly crafted attachments in a vintage look made of 14 carat gold and we are pleased to be able to present you a selection of this piercing jewelry from November.
All Maya Jewelry attachments are characterized by their extremely flat profile, which means that they can be worn very well in a Nostril piercing despite their larger diameter.
The gold tone in combination with the darker parts is a unique selling point of this collection and gives the jewelry a very special, antique look.


Coming from England, we have another brand in our range with QualiTi , which you can only get online in Germany from us!
QualiTi focuses exclusively on titanium jewelry and has a large selection of piercing jewelry for your navel piercing and attachments for your ear piercing.
All pieces of jewelry on 'Your Piercing' are specially polished by QualiTi by hand so that they shine nicely and do not damage your piercing canal. The signature pieces are the navel plugs for slightly smaller navel, our favorite here is the version in champagne. QualiTi does not allow the crystals used, nor the synthetic opals to be inserted with glue, but are all held in place by a frame.
The designs of this company cannot be individually adapted - but with the large selection there is certainly a piece of jewelry for you.

Piercingschmuck nickelfrei
Swarovski Piercing

Swarovski zirconia

The Swarovksi company is the world's largest manufacturer of cut gemstones that are reminiscent of diamonds in their appearance. Swarovski offers these stones in different qualities. The luxury variants are 'Swarovski Zirkonia'. Diamond cut standards are used for these crystals, which means that they can hardly be distinguished from a real diamond. Each of the 'Swarovski Gems - Pure Brilliance' is provided with a small laser engraving 'Swarovski Zirconia', which cannot be seen with the naked eye, but guarantees the best quality and origin.

Buddha Jewelry Organics

Our newest addition to piercing jewelry brands: BJO!
For years Buddha Jewelry Organics stood for edgy and creative jewelry for elongated ears. Heavy natural stones were provided with filigree frames and worn in widened earlobes.
Until last year a new series of delicate and elegant attachments made of 14 carat real gold was launched and BJO celebrated a huge success with it.
The most innovative are probably the dangle models - small pendants that can be threaded into rings, giving them a fancy and unusual look.
But also the threadless attachments for various ear or nose piercings quickly captured the hearts of all #curatedear Instagram lovers.
And if you like it very exclusive, you can even get a few models of this new piercing jewelry with diamonds instead of Swarovski zirconia.

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