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ASTM F-136 titanium
The titanium piercing jewelry we offer is always implant grade (biocompatible) - that is, made to remain in the body. Titanium is available in many different alloys and is used, for example, in aircraft construction. This type of titanium has no place in your body.
We only sell manufacturers who use ASTM F-136 titanium. This variant is also used in medical technology and there especially in the area of ​​surgical implants. The ASTM is an international standardization organization, similar to the ISO. Here you can find the data sheet for F-136.

In addition to ASTM F-136 titanium, we also offer piercing jewelry made of real gold. You have the choice between 14 and 18 carat gold - both variants are of course nickel-free. The advantage of processing gold is that gold is a relatively soft material and can therefore be brought into so many different shapes. As a result, the more fancy designs are always made out of gold. If you don't like the look of yellow gold, you can get each of the designs in white gold. Just send us a message and we will order your individual jewelry.


An opal is a gemstone made from a mineral of the mineral class 'Oxide' and 'Hydroxide'. Opals have not been used in piercing jewelry for very long, but have gained tremendous popularity in the last two years as they represent an elegant alternative to Swarovski crystal. The color palette is in no way inferior to that of a zirconia and ranges from white to light green to black / red. We can send you a color palette of all available shades on request.
The opals we offer are all synthetic. Real opals or diamonds can be made to order. Just contact us for this.

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