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Best of 2023

At the end of the year, we take a quick look back to find out: What were your favorites in our shop over the past 12 months? Which piece of jewelry did you like the most? And which brand do you particularly like in 2023?

  • 1ST PLACE Your biggest favorite this year - by far - was the Multiplicity from Buddha Jewelry. The piece of jewelry with three zirconias makes almost every piercing sparkle. Here you can see it sparkle in a tragus piercing and a forward helix piercing.

  • 2ND PLACE Surprisingly, the Koi from Junipurr comes in second place. This detailed piece of jewelry requires a little more space in the ear. We are always a little careful with large pieces of jewelry because they don't fit into many piercings. That's why we're even more pleased that this 12mm long piercing jewelry has made it so far forward:

Koi Junipurr

  • 3RD PLACE Even though we haven't had it in our range for that long, the Prong Ring from BVLA has made it into the top 3. For us it is one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry in our shop. The ring has a tightly fitting zirconia and can be worn in healed helix piercings, ear piercings or even rook piercings or tragus piercings:

Prong Ring BVLA

  • 4TH PLACE Here we find an absolute classic: the white opal. This piece of titanium jewelry can be found in the top spots every year. Not surprising, since you can style an opal with anything and wear it in pretty much any piercing you can have. Here the two sizes we offer were combined:

Ohr Piercing mit weißem Opal
  • 5TH PLACE Last but not least, another favorite of yours is the Opal Heart from Anatometal. This piece of jewelry is like your favorite dress. You wear it in the conch piercing and no matter what happens: you always look good with it. Here we combined it with a triple gold chain from Hialeah:

Conch Piercing mit Opal Heart von Anatometal

We are already excited to see what your favorites will be in 2024 and look forward to photos of your piercings with jewelry from us.


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