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Chains and Charms for Piercings

Piercing chains are the fashion statement for 2023! The stylish accessory is currently the hottest trend in the world of piercing jewelry. The small but eye-catching pieces of jewelry are a must for your healed piercing.

Hialeah Fine Jewelry

Chains, charms or tassles?

What is a piercing chain? We talk about a chain if the piece of jewelry has 2 jump rings, which, for example, are worn over the labret post at the back and front. This means that the chain wraps around your ear, like in our example picture of the conch piercing (above picture). Here you see a triple chain. 3 chains in 3 different lengths, all of which are attached to a jump ring:

You can also use chains to connect two piercings together, like in this example the first and second ear lobe with our White Chain made of 14 carat white gold:

Piercing Kettchen

What are tassless or charms? We talk about tassles and charms when the piece of jewelry only has one jump ring. Either a gemstone or a chain or several chains (that's a tassle) or a mixture of both can be attached to this. In our Curated Ear you can see a tassle with several chains from Hialeah Fine Jewelry in a ring of a helix piercing:

Ohr Piercing Stellen

You can also mix both styles together like with this ear. Another chain in the conch piercing. This time a double. And in the faux rook we have combined a tassle. Both pieces of jewelry are made of 14 carat yellow gold and are also from Hialeah Fine Jewelry - probably the hottest brand with the largest selection of piercing chains at the moment:

Ohr Piercing Beispiele

Which chain suits me?

With us you will find a variety of chains for your ear piercing. All made of 14 carat gold. Because what could be more noble than a gold chain? In addition to the beautiful shine and the touch of luxury that the material exudes, gold chains can also be made in different styles. From minimalist designs that are suitable for the everyday look to thicker or multi-layered chains that immediately attract attention. Combine several chains and pendants with each other to create your own individual look.

What size does my chain have to be?

To know what size you need your chain, you should first think about where you want to wear it. Very important: Please always wear chains in healed piercings! In fresh piercings, the movement will cause problems with healing. Then grab a piece of string and place it on your ear in the way you would like the chain to be. Measure the length of the string and you will have the right size for your chain! If you end up between 2 sizes, we recommend taking the longer size.

Portia Charm von BVLA
What are your chains made of?

All of our chains, charms and tassles are made of 14 carat solid gold. Unlike cheaper materials such as silver, gold will not fade or rust. This means you can enjoy your piercing chain for years to come. Hialeah Fine Jewelry's necklaces are handmade pieces and unique in their designs - a fashion statement that is also comfortable to wear. Buddha Jewelry Organics designed one of our favourites: The Lyric chain featuring 3 clear gemstones. The nice thing about chains is that they are more comfortable to wear than rings, which is why they are so popular, especially in conch piercings. Chains can also be worn in a helix piercing as an alternative to a ring. With a chain you also have the advantage of having the delicate look of a ring plus an attachment that can also shine. Chains are a visual upgrade for your existing piercing that can completely change your look. Get your perfect accessory for your piercing.

Curated Ear Gelbgold


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