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Super Bright Queen
Five gemstones for your navel piercing! The Super Bright Queen by LeRoi shimmers with four synthetic opals and a large Swarovski zirconia.
The top clasp is a single synthetic opal, while at the bottom there is a 6mm clear zirconia, which is adorned by three other small synthetic opals.
With the glittering zirconia in the middle and the bright opals around it, this navel plug is not only exceptionally beautiful, but also easy to tolerate, as the setting is made of biocompatible titanium, which is made to remain in the body.
The extra dose of glamor is a little longer and therefore not suitable for the short navel and is not recommended by us for first use.



This piercing jewelry is made of implant grade titanium and is therefore nickel-free and suitable for allergy sufferers.


125,00 €Price
  • Material: Titanium ASTM F-136
    Thread: internal thread 1.2mm
    Thickness: 1.6mm
    Ball sizes: 4mm, 6mm, 4mm
    Special feature: Hand polished, Lifetime guarantee*
    Swarovski stones: 1 x clear Swarovski zirconia in 6mm, 3 x synthetic white opal in 3mm, 1 x synthetic white opal in 4mm

    * The guarantee applies to discoloration or loosening of the zirconia Crystals and/or (synthetic) opals and/or precious stones

  • - Navel piercing

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