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Chime Hoop

ATTENTION: Sold as a SINGLE earring. You must order 2 for a set.

The Chime Hoop from Jack + G is a fancy ring for your conch piercing. Made of 14 carat yellow gold and with a diameter of 15mm, the ring is meant to be loose fit.

It does not sit straight or completely horizontal in your ear. On the wearing photo you can see that it rather hangs down a bit and the two moving parts sit nicely on the outside of the ear.

The Chime Hoop draws attention to your conch piercing.

We recommend to have the size measured by a professional before and to wear the ring only in a healed piercing. We would wear the Chime Hoop if you normally wear a ring from 11mm in a Conch Piercing.

Nickel free

This piercing jewelry is made of nickel free 14 karat yellow gold and is suitable for allergy sufferers.


Out of Stock
  • Material: 14 carat yellow gold

    Thickness: 1.0mm

    Diameter: 15 x 27mm

  • - Conch piercing
    - Earlobe piercing

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