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Chrysoprase Cab Prong

*This is only the front, please think of a back*

Back side

Threadless attachments require a suitable back. The attachment is the front side and depending on the piercing area where you want to wear the attachment, you will need a suitable back side. These are usually Labret studs with an internal thread. If you do not yet have a back, don't forget to order one at the same time.




This piercing jewelry is made of nickel-free 14 carat yellow gold and is suitable for allergy sufferers and first-time wearers.


  • Material: 14 Karat Gelbgold
    Gewinde: Innengewinde 0.9mm
    Durchmesser: 3mm
    Besonderheit: Lebenslange Garantie*
    Schmuckstein: 3mm Chrysoprase im Rose Cut
    Passend zu: Labret Stecker 1.2mm

    * Die Garantie bezieht sich auf das Verfärben oder Lösen der Zirkonia Kristalle und/oder (synthetischen) Opale und/oder Edelsteine

  • - Helix Piercing
    - Tragus Piercing
    - Conch Piercing
    - Rook Piercing
    - Faux Rook Piercing
    - Flat Helix Piercing
    - Forward Helix Piercing
    - Ohrloch
    - Medusa Piercing
    - Labret Piercing

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