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Dangly Opal

Dangle dangle dangle - three synthetic white opals each held in a bezel setting made of titanium make this navel piercing by Industrial Strength an eye-catcher.
The bottom synthetic opal is free-floating so that it resonates with every movement. The connecting ring is made of titanium and completely closed so that the lower opal cannot loosen and fall out.

We recommend wearing this navel piercing in a healed puncture canal.

Nickel free

This piercing jewelry is made of implant grade titanium and is therefore nickel-free and suitable for allergy sufferers.


Out of Stock
  • Material: Titanium ASTM F-136
    Thread: Internal thread 1.2mm
    Strength: 1.6mm
    Special feature: Lifetime Guarantee*
    Gemstones: Synthetic white opals, 2 x 4mm each, 1 x 6mm

    * The guarantee refers to the discoloration or loosening of the zirconia crystals and/or (synthetic) opals and/or gemstones

  • - Navel piercing

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