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Sliding Gem Chain Labradorite

The Sliding Gem Chain from Modern Mood is made from two of our favorite materials: 585 gold and a labradorite.

The 23mm long chain has a movable pendant made from a 3.5 x 4.5mm labradorite that is held in a so-called bezel setting - a setting that completely surrounds it. In many necklaces, the gemstone is fixed, but this one can move from left to right. The chain's eyelets can be worn in jewelry up to 1.2mm. We would wear them in a Helix piercing or to connect two pierced ears. Not quite sure how chains work? You can find more information here in our blog post.

Attention: Please only wear chains in healed piercings!


This piercing jewelry is made of nickel-free 14 carat gold and is suitable for allergy sufferers.


  • Material: 14 carat yellow gold

    Length: 23mm

    Gemstone: Labradorite in 3.5 x 4.5mm


  • - Helix Piercing
    - Earlobe Piercing

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