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Prong Ring

The seam ring can be opened and closed on the side of the prong. To do this, the ring must be gently bent up or down at the opening. Please never bend the ring outwards, as it will then no longer close properly and the round shape will be lost.

We recommend having the size measured by a professional beforehand and only wearing the ring in a healed piercing.


Nickel free
This piercing jewelry is made of nickel-free 14 carat rose gold and suitable for allergy sufferers.


  • Material: 14k rose gold
    Strength: 1.0mm
    Diameter: 6.35mm
    Zirconia: 2mm clear Swarovski zirconia

  • - Helix piercing
    - Rook piercing
    - Tragus piercing
    - Nostril Piercing
    - Earlobe piercing

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