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The Zirconia
With this simple model by Anatometal, the focus is entirely on the sparkle of the 18-carat yellow gold zirconia. At first glance, a Swarovski zirconia hardly differs from a real diamond. Due to its cut, the light refracts much more often than with a conventional rhinestone.
The simple setting at three points of the zirconia contributes to the fact that the sparkle is even more intense, as the light can simply penetrate the stone. This makes the zirconia look bigger - we recommend taking one size smaller than you normally wear!

These ends screw on, and work only with internally threaded ends of the same gauge. Threaded ends and posts are sold as individual pieces. If you’re looking for a complete piece of jewelry, make sure to purchase a corresponding threaded post for your end.



This piercing jewelry is made of nickel-free 18 carat yellow gold and suitable for allergy sufferers.


PriceFrom €74.00
  • Material: 18 Karat Gelbgold
    Gewinde: Threadless
    Besonderheit: Lebenslange Garantie*
    Zirkonia: Klare Swarovski Zirkonia
    Passend zu: Junipurr Threadless Labret Stecker

    * Die Garantie bezieht sich auf das Verfärben oder Lösen der Zirkonia Kristalle und/oder (synthetischen) Opale und/oder Edelsteine

  • - Helix piercing
    - Conch piercing
    - Tragus piercing
    - Medusa piercing
    - Forward helix piercing
    - Labret piercing
    - Lobe piercing
    - Rook piercing

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