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Ada Tiger Eye Tri Beaded

ATTENTION: This is threadless piercing jewelry, NOT costume jewelry. This is ONLY the front and requires a matching back.

With the Ada Tiger Eye Tri Beaded we have a piece of jewelry with a rare gemstone in our range. The tiger's eye has a diameter of 3.5 mm and comes in various shades of brown. There are three small titanium spheres underneath the tiger's eye. The piece of jewelry from Inari Organics fits into a Helix Piercing or an ear hole, for example. However, it can also be worn in a Flat Helix Piercing due to its beautifully flat profile.

*This is only the front, please think of a back*



Threadless attachments require a suitable back. The attachment is the front and depending on the piercing area in which you want to wear the attachment, you will need a suitable back. These are threadless labret plugs. If you do not have a suitable back yet, don't forget to order one as well.




This piercing jewelry is made of implantable titanium and is therefore nickel-free and suitable for allergy sufferers and first-time wearers.


  • Material: Titan ASTM F-136
    Thread: Threadless
    Gemstone: Tiger Eye in 3.5mm
    Suitable for: Junipurr Threadless Labret


  • - Helix Piercing
    - Tragus Piercing
    - Conch Piercing
    - Flat Helix Piercing

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