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The Ursula Charm by Junipurr is a pendant with the natural stone Moss Agate. The 4 x 3mm gemstone is held in a 14 karat yellow gold setting. The setting goes over the complete stone on the backside and has a small eyelet on top which is suitable for jewelry up to 1.2mm thick.

This allows you to easily hang Ursula in an existing ring as shown in our example photo. We have combined another pendant with a small chain.

Since Moss Agate is a natural stone, no two pendants are alike. The color and pattern varies with each piece of jewelry.


Attention: Please wear charms only in healed piercings!


Nickel free

This piercing jewelry is made of nickel-free 14 carat gold and is suitable for allergy sufferers.


  • Material: 14 carat yellow gold
    Eyelet: diameter of the eyelet suitable for studs and rings from 1.0 to 1.2mm

    Diameter: 4 x 3mm

    Natural stone: Moss Agate in 4 x 3mm

  • - Helix piercing
    - Rook piercing
    - Earlobe piercing

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