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Piercing Jewelry as a gift - what do I need to know?

For birthdays, Valentine's Day and especially at Christmas - jewelry is always a special gift. Giving away piercing jewelry is something very personal. It comes closer to the recipient than any other piece of jewelry and is worn constantly. A lasting memory of a beautiful moment. Piercing jewelry as a gift is special - but also a little more complicated to give away than a necklace or bracelet. In this blog post we explain why this is the case and give a few tips on what you should pay attention to. If you haven't come into contact with piercing jewelry yet, you can find some inspiration in our Curated Ears and also get a feel for the size details of the jewelry.

It's not one size fits all

Piercing jewelry comes in many sizes. And the size has nothing to do with the stature of the person wearing it. So it's not comparable to buying a t-shirt! Unfortunately you can't say the person is 1.70m tall and weighs 65 kilos, so an M should be suitable. It's easier to compare with shoes: if someone wears a 38, you can't wear shoes in a 36 or 40. They just don't fit. In addition, piercing jewelry not only needs one size, but always two: 1. Gauge 2. Length or diameter The thickness indicates how thick the piece of jewelry should be. You don't want to give away jewelry that is too thick and therefore cannot be inserted at all or can only be inserted by widening the piercing channel. And you want to avoid buying something too thin, which will cause the channel to shrink. The length or diameter is the second information. The diameter is relevant for rings. This refers to the length of the path from one side to the opposite within the ring. When it comes to labret posts or cured barbells, we talk about length. So how long is the piercing channel of the piercing for which the new piercing jewelry should be? The following applies to both, length and diameter: Too small means the piercing may not be able to be closed at all. It presses and squeezes and hurts. Just like shoes that are too small. Too big or long and you snag it, causing problems even with already healed piercings.

Piercing jewelry is excluded from exchange

For hygiene reasons, piercing jewelry that has already been worn cannot be returned. In most piercing studios, jewelry is therefore completely non-returnable and we can only take back jewelry that is in its original packaging. As soon as the sealed packaging has been opened, we consider the jewelry to have been worn.

We only ever sell new and unworn piercing jewelry! But why is that so important? Quite simply: We don't know what happens to the jewelry once it has been opened or left the door of our piercing studio. Was the jewelry inserted into a fresh piercing and came into contact with blood? Was the jewelry opened properly or were tools used that damaged the jewelry or scratched its surface? Did it fall into the sink drain while trying to insert it? You can be sure that the piece of jewelry you are giving away is always new and that the recipient will be the only one to wear it.

So how can you be sure that the piercing jewelry fits?

The easiest option would be to ask. whether your loved one knows their size. For many, however, this ruins the surprise - for both sides. Another option would be to see whether the recipient already has jewelry that she is not currently wearing and measure it. Here you will find a blog post from us about piercing jewelry sizes in detail that can help you. There are also a few extra tips depending on the piercing: - Navelpiercing Unfortunately, there is no other option than to know the exact size. The advantage is that, compared to other piercings, quite a few pierced people know the size. Or if not, it is quite easy to measure. If there are already several pieces of jewelry: You can also secretly go to a studio with a belly button stud that fits and show it there to get the same size or measure it as described in our blog post and order it online.

- Ear Piercing

Ear piercings with a stud always consist of (at least) two parts: 1. Essay 2. Back side (mostly labret posts or curved barbell for a Rook Piercing) You can't go wrong with threadless jewelry if you just buy the front. Because this fits on 1.0mm backs as well as on 1.2mm or 1.6mm. So you can buy a Threadless front and the recipient gets the matching back side themselves or maybe even already has it. Please make sure that not every front fits every piercing! A big piece of jewelry is not suitable for a Forward Helix Piercing for example. With our filter you can sort our jewelry by threadless ends as well as by the desired location.

- Nostril Ring This is our final opponent: Unfortunately, without knowing the exact size, nothing works here. Especially if you want to swap from a stud to a ring for the first time, an appointment to choose the right size at a piercing studio is essential.

- Lip Piercing For lip piercings, the correct length of the post is almost more important than in other places. If jewelry is worn for a long period of time, it can damage both the gums and the tooth enamel itself. And irreparable. Similar to ear piercings, it is theoretically possible to only buy the front. Experience has shown that it is very important for those who wear lip piercings not to exceed a certain size of jewelry. Here you should be 100% sure that you meet your taste and the diameter of the attachment.

What can I do if I want to be on the safe side?

Would you like to give piercing jewelry as a gift and not go wrong? Then there is a solution: give away a gift card! We know that vouchers have a reputation for being impersonal. In the case of piercing jewelry, we would disagree because it is so difficult for others to purchase. And in the best case scenario, our jewelry is a gift that lasts forever thanks to the lifetime guarantee of most brands. Then it is appropriate that the recipient can choose something themselves. You also have the option of sending our jewelry back to us within 14 days of receipt - as long as it is still in its original packaging and unopened! If you are looking for a Christmas present from us, we recommend that you get it about 5 working days before December 24th. to order. DHL usually takes a little longer to deliver in the days before Christmas. This way you can make sure that the jewelry is there on time for the party and that there is still enough time to send it back if you don't like it. We hope we were able to provide some help with giving away piercing jewelry and that you can put a smile on your loved ones face.


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