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Champagne Nipple
Who has the prettiest sparkling nipple jewelry? Industrial Strength with its Prong Set frames. In this variant, the two 4mm large zirconia sparkle in a champagne tone. Due to the minimal socket, the light can break beautifully in the rhinestone. The frame and the bridge are made of titanium and are therefore very light, which contributes to a comfortable fit.
This is ONE plug, if you need a pair you will need to buy two plugs.
Only one of the two sides can be turned open, the other zirconia is firmly attached to the titanium barbell.

If you lose the twistable side, a replacement ball cannot be ordered, as it is not guaranteed to look forward!


Nickel free
This piercing jewelry is made of implantable titanium and is therefore nickel-free and suitable for allergy sufferers and for initial use.


  • Material: Titanium ASTM F-136
    Thread: internal thread 1.2mm titanium
    Thickness: 1.6mm
    Special feature: Lifetime guarantee*
    Swarovski stones: 2 x zirconia in champagne each 4mm

    * The guarantee refers to the discoloration or loosening of the zirconia crystals and/or (synthetic) opals and/or gemstones

  • - Nipple piercing

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