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Rainbow Millgrain Prong

A Rainbow Moonstone is the star of this classic attachment from BVLA. The 3mm large gemstone is cut in a rose cut - a vintage cut that is currently on the rise again.
With the rose cut, the stone is flat at the bottom and ground less often at the top. This gives the Moonstone a somewhat 'calmer' look and is therefore perfectly suitable for everyone for whom a zirconia has too much glitter and an opal too little glitter.
The play of colors of the Rainbow Moonstone changes depending on the incidence of light, which, coupled with the unusual cut, makes it an interesting stone.
The setting is in contrast to the Moonstone and shows itself with a beautiful structure due to the subtle Prong Set setting and the surrounding band of small balls.
With a diameter of 5mm, this Millgrain Prong is very suitable for piercings in which it has some space, such as a conch piercing.


These ends screw on, and work only with internally threaded ends of the same gauge. Threaded ends and posts are sold as individual pieces. If you’re looking for a complete piece of jewelry, make sure to purchase a corresponding threaded post for your end.



This piercing jewelry is made of nickel-free 14 carat gold and suitable for allergy sufferers.


Out of Stock
  • Material: 14k yellow gold
    Thread: Internal thread 0.9mm
    Diameter: 5mm
    Special feature: Lifetime Guarantee*
    Zirconia: Rainbow Moonstone in Rose Cut 3mm
    Suitable for: Labret stud 1.2mm QualiTi

    * The guarantee applies to the discoloration or dissolving of the zirconia crystals and/or (synthetic) opals and/or gemstones

  • - Conch piercing
    - Helix piercing
    - Tragus piercing
    - Lobe piercing
    - Medusa piercing
    - Labret piercing

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