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Double Singapore Chain

We love the Singapore Chain! The twisted chains with the close-fitting links provide a double glitter effect.
Depending on the length, this 14k yellow gold double chain by Hialeah Fine Jewelry fits into a Helix piercing or a Conch piercing or you combine a Forward Helix piercing with a Helix piercing - be creative and style your ear individually.

Don't know what length your chain needs to be?
Grab a piece of string, put it around the desired piercing location and cut it to the length that suits you. Simply measure this piece of cord and you have the right length.

Attention: Please always wear chains in healed piercings!


Nickel free
This piercing jewelry is made of nickel-free 14 carat gold and is suitable for allergy sufferers.


  • Material: 14k yellow gold
    Eyelet: Diameter of the eyelet suitable for studs from 1.0 to 1.2mm
    Chains: 2 x 1.1mm Singapore Chains in different lengths

  • - Helix piercing
    - Conch piercing

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